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Thread: Make a .asp a simple dll?

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    I want to somehow take my sub.asp page, which is simply a sub that I call within my main page, and make it into a dll or something, so that if they any changes need to be done to the page, the other developers have to come to me and ask me, and not just make changes to the code I have worked so hard on.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I don't want to feel like a one night stand - just used once then thrown away.

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    If you use VB you can make an ActiveX DLL that contains your logic and create an object to call with CreateObject. You could have class methods in your DLL that created HTML. It'd look something like:

    Dim objMyLogic

    Set objMyLogic = Server.CreateObject("MyDll.MyClass")

    Response.Write objMyLogic.MyHTMLProducingMethod

    Good luck,

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