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Thread: little but serious problem!

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    Red face

    Hi Guys-
    I suddenly got a little but serious problem. Normally when I open the existing project, it always loads with its form and modules.But this time when I open the project, it only showed me the project.vbp and I could not find any forms and module with this. If any of you know the problem and solution, please let me know it. It's really urgent. Right now I am stuck.

    Bonus question: Does anybody know how can I read a map and get data by clicking particular portion of map?

    Thanks in advance


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    Is your form still in the same directory as your .vbp.
    Did you change your folder?
    Try to add your existing form to your project.

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    Little but serious

    Yes all of files in the same folder. I never had this kind of stupid problem. Yes I can add my files. Without adding all forms, is there any way to solve this problem?

    ANyway thanks


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    It's a warning from VB... Don't program for more then 48h straight


    Maybe you have changed something in the VB settings?

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    Just click Add file... (ctrl d) and add them, and then just save it. Everything should be fine after that-all forms will load properly (should load).

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