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Thread: My databound Textboxes don't update the database..

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    This is frigging stupid. I suck at this data access stuff.
    But anyway, here... I've got this textbox, Text1 , and it is databound to an adodc connection. That connection works, and the textbox displays the data it is supposed to display as I go through the records.

    But I need to make that when this textbox gets a value (it gets passed from another textbox), that it will update the appropriate database field with the new value.

    How do I do this? I thought it was automatic with the databinding itself.


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    After changes have been made to the textbox, it has to be saved to your recordset:


    You can attach that code to a "save" button, put it in the lost_focus or validate event of the textbox, or elsewhere, but it needs to be done!

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