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    How or more like WHAT! do i use too make a .asm exe?
    do i write the program in notepad and then compile it from the pathname that i have the assmebler located in? all the asm. help tutorials i have read..there isnt one that says "WHERE" too write the .exe

    Thank you for any help!!

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    Its the same as any other language, write the *.asm file with your favorite text editor and run it through the compiler.

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    The best sort of way seems to be this:

    1. Add the line "set path=%path%;c:\asm\masm" (or similar) to the end of autoexec.bat
    2. Keep your .asm files in a separate location, and assemble them from there.

    The thing about many assemblers is they only assemble, they don't link. So you'd need to have PATH set up with the linker's path as well.
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