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    I want to add the number in my text box to the number in a database. I can get the number that is my text box to appear in the database. But it does not add it on to the number there before.

    Also I would like to arrange the table in accending order using vb. And i need to display the highest number in the database in a text box in vb please can somone help.


    Later, Mike

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    You need to select your number from the database, set it to a variable and then add your number to it. Something like this:

    Select myoldnumber from mytable

    dim mynewnumber as integer
    mynewnumber = myoldnumber + text1.text

    ''then update your mytable

    update mytable set myoldnumber = mynewnumber where myfield = myoldnumber

    To order your table just do something like this:

    select myoldnumber from mytable order by myoldnumber ascending

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