I've got an app with a listview that I populate from a listview. When the user selects different items from the combobox the listview shows the table. When the user clicks one item this shows up in a textbox.
So far so good!
When the user have changed the selectet item in the textbox the user should be able to push the save button and the listview should update. But,,, if the item exists already I don't want the item to be added like a new one, but updatet. If it is a new one I want the item to bee added to the list.
I've tried this code but it don't work at all.
All help on this problem is welcome!!

Private Sub txtKolonne2_LostFocus()
Dim itmX As ListItem

Set itmX = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , txtKolonne1.Text)
itmX.SubItems(1) = UCase(txtKolonne2.Text)
txtKolonne1.Text = ""
txtKolonne2.Text = ""
End Sub