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    i would like to extract the first record of a data base (in Oracle, or access or sql server) with a query in visual baic 6, but i don't want use counter or similar. How can i do?
    thanks in advance

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    Try this:

    Dim dbsDatabase as Database
    Dim rstRecordset as Recordset

    Set dbsDatabase = OpenDatabase "Full Path Here", False
    Set rstRecordset = "Select Query Here"


    That should place you in the first record of your recordset.

    If you want to extract individual fields then just use something like this:

    Dim strField0 as string

    strField0 = rstRecordset(0)

    0 is the first column in the recordset, if you want other columns then just substitute 0 for 1 and so on.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    Rob Brown.

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