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Thread: Retreiving value pointed at in listpart of combobox

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    Well, I guess this is a tricky one, probably even with some nasty API calls, but maybe someone might know this one:
    I want to retreive the value pointed at in the listpart of a normal combobox, i.e. the combo is in dropdown state and i'm scrolling through it - and the item is "selected" in the listpart of the combo, but not in the combo itself , i.e. before i "clicked" and selected it.



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    Could you explain a bit more? I don't quite understand what you want to do. What is it exactly you want to return or get?

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    Well, I thought i was clear enough in my request, but I'll try to explain it some more.

    I want the combo to return the value of the item i am currently pointing at in the open combobox - in the list -part of the combo, not the textbox part.
    If you open ( dropdown ) a combobox , you can "scroll" throught the values , either with the mousecursor or with cursorkeys up and down.

    I need to know the value I'm pointing at , so I can at the same time , show relevant info about the item i'm pointing at in another label or textbox.

    Now, if this isn't clear enough....


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