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Thread: Searching For Multiple extentions

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    I have been able to search my local drive for single file names. Can anyone help me with some code that would except two or more search criteria ? Like *.doc & *.xls & *.ppt.
    I am currently looping through my code searching each directory and sub-directory for *.doc and then looping back to search for *.xls and so on, but this is really slow.
    If you use the File Find featured in Win NT 4.0 all you have to do is enter each extension one right after the other on the Named line and NT will find all files matching all of the extension you entered. Any Ideas ?

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    I'm assuming that you have the complete file name and
    path. If this is the case, you could build a string
    variable consisting of the extensions you desire:


    if instr(ExtSrch,right$(FPATH_Name,4))>0 then
    whatever you do with matching stuff

    I don't know how fast it will be, but it should beat the stuffing out of multiple loops.

    I'll bet there's an API for this, also, But I couldn't find
    in my AP book.

    Good Luck

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    What I am attempting to do is scan a hard drive and determine the amount of disk space in use by all user data files like *.doc/*.xls/*.pab/*.ppt and so on. I will be remotely mapping to networked PC's drives and gathering the information. I am looking to predict the amount of server space that would be required to store all user data on a server and restrict access to the hard drive. I believe your right there must be an API call that can be made but I can't figure it out. Thanks JDP

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