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    I am getting so frustrated! For my class project I need to design a calculator (NO Problem). I addition it needs to convert feet and inches to Meters and cm and vice versa. Also it needs to convert pounds and ounces to kilograms and grams. He suggested that the calc was to have four buttons. A select button to change the two buttons and a calc button. I have spent a whole day experimenting to no avail.

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    Hmm...Maybe this is what you're looking for?

    Public Func1 As Byte
    Public Func2 As Byte
    Sub Command1_Click()
      Select Case Func1
        Case 1
          'Events For If It's "1"
        Case 2
        'Lots more of these
      End Select
    End Sub
    Sub Redefine_Click()
      Func1 = 1 'Or your value
      Func2 = 1 'Or Your valus
    End Sub
    I'd never be sure to give you the right answer until you tell me exactly what you want instead of describing what the guy who is frustrating you did...

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    Const oz2kg!=0.02835
    Const lb2kg!=0.4536
    Const in2m!=0.02540
    Const ft2m!=0.3048
    I think you need these
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