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    I'm curious Vlatko, why when you include code for VC++, you never include the api functions? Is it already built-in or something?

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    I think their included in windows.h.

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    Actually, you need:
    • A header file.
    • A library file.

    For #1, you do this:
    #include <windows.h>
    For #2: Visual C++ automatically includes all the most common libraries for you. (User32.lib, GDI32.lib, etc.)
    If it's not a common library, you'll have to add it manually.

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    Well I a not an expert in C++ but i know (As Yonatan said) that the most commonly used api functions don't have to be declared in some header files(you need only windows.h). There are some that need header files.(very rare)

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    The most common ones though, they are in the Windows.h. There some exceptions in which you would have to include different ones, ie: directx.

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    I think the multimedia stuff comes under a different header (mmsys.h).
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