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Thread: Importing data from a web page

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    How would I go about importing data from a web page, for instance a table, into a text field. This is assuming that the web page is always in the same format. What about if there are multiple tables on the page, how could I pull data from different cells from different tables? Thanks.

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    Well what you could do is take the code from the page and parse it to specified places and place the parsed text into specific text boxes.
    Something like
    Text1.Text = Inet1.OpenURL("", icString)
    Dim int_Pos As Integer
    Dim int_X As Integer
    For int_X = 1 To CInt(Text2.Text)
        int_Pos = int_Pos + 1
        int_Pos = InStr(int_Pos, Text1.Text, Text3.Text)
            If int_Pos = 0 Then Exit Sub
        Text4 = Mid(Text1.Text, int_Pos + Len(Text3.Text), 12)
    'Play around with this code and you'll realize what 
    'you have to do to achieve what you want.


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