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Thread: how to install winsock.dll to user's computer

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    i made a program that writes emails through winsock... however, the program doesn't run on the computers that doesn't have winsock.dll in them.. how do i check to see if the user has winsock.dll and put it in without the user knowing? If that's not possible, can't i put winsock.dll into the folder that i run my program, the folder that has my exe file? I need help immediately... thanks

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    I think you would need to copy the dll and other runtime files into the winsys directory of the users computer. The best way of doing that is assembling a setup package using P&DW shipped with VB. But if you only need to copy the winsock dll then you can probably do that like so:
    Make a first program that will simply FileCopy the winsock.dll to the winsys directory, register it and then launch the main program and close it self.

    Hope that helps,

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