OK, to extract text from a text box on another application I declare a few APIs, namely FindWindow, FindWindowEx, SendMessage and SendMessageA. I then put in the following code:

lngHwnd = FindWindowEx(0, 0, vbNullString, "Window Title") 
'find the text inside the textbox
lngTextbox = FindWindowEx(lngHwnd, 0, "RichEdit20A", vbNullString)
lngTextLength = SendMessage(lngTextbox, &HE, 0, 0)
'create a buffer to hold text
strBuffer = Space(lngTextLength)
'Get the text from the text box
lngResult = SendMessageString(lngTextbox, &HD, lngTextLength + 1, ByVal strBuffer)
Which stores the textbox text in a string strBuffer. If I wanted to, in stead of transferring text all over the place, transfer an image from an application to a picture box. A problem may arise in the fact that the picture in this application is being constantly updated because it's from a webcam. Any ideas??? Cheers in advance,