<<< Empty Namespace Gotcha (xmlns="") Using VB DOM >>>

This seems to be a popular problem. Here's my current XML output, wrong by the way.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!-- Callbox XML version 1.17 -->
<Phone xmlns="x-schema:C:\TMSXML\XMLSchema\CallboxSchema.xml">
<ApplicationProperties xmlns="">

It seems like every element directly under the Phone Node has this empty namespace. I really don't want any namespace calling under my node. Now I did see some posts on this problem and I found that using all node objects will solve THAT problem but now here's my "Gotcha"! I need some of my nodes to have attributes. I don't know of a way to assign an attribute to a node object. Well that's where YOU come in! :O) I already tried using all node objects and using the element objects only for the children that need attributes. It puts the empty namespace in the child under the last node and then it puts the full (real) namespace on the node under it. You follow me??? Well anyhow, I'm open for ideas!