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Thread: "How to submit a FAQ - READ ME FIRST"

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    Exclamation "How to submit a FAQ - READ ME FIRST"

    This forum is for FAQs related to Visual Basic. You can use this forum to see the answers to commonly asked questions.

    Please note that questions should not be posted on this forum. If you require help with code etc, please select the appropriate forum from the forum index.

    You can submit new FAQs; however, be aware that they need to follow the format as described below. Additionally, this is a fully moderated forum, which means that posts must be approved before they are displayed.

    If an item in the FAQ is not clear, then there are two options.
    1. If you do not know/understand the FAQ item, send a private message (PM) to si_the_geek, asking for clarification on an item and providing a link to it. This is not a means to get answers for your questions, it's just to let us know that there is a "problem".
    2. If you think it's unclear and you know how to make it clearer, just reply to the thread. We will review your answer and most probably just post it straight to the FAQ.

    If you want to add something new to the FAQ, then please follow these guidelines:
    1. The question has to be concise and self-explaining.
    2. Identify the domain the question (and answer) belong to. Like for example "Classic VB", "Database", "Network", "Visual Basic .NET", "APIs", "Richedit", "Graphics", etc. Put this in front of the question in the post's title.
    3. Try to provide a clear answer to the question (not just a code snippet), as people cannot reply with further questions.
    4. Answers that are short and precise are welcome. Answers which go into the details and provide a good explanation are nice bonus.
    5. As items are likely to get extended (via a reply) at some point, please untick the "Show your signature" box when you post a thread, so that the thread is more readable if replies are added.

    To submit a new FAQ item, simply click on "Create New Thread" in this forum, post your question and answer and we'll review and post it.

    A big thanks to all who participate!

    P.S. Because it is moderated, this forum will fully support HTML and images.
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