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Thread: Needed!! Excel Macro -> Hyperlink file creation date and time.

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    Hey all

    I have a cell which has a hyperlink to a file on our server. I want to be able to get the file creation date and time and place them in the adjacent cell.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks a lot

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    From the VBA Macro Help in Excel

    FileDateTime Function

    Returns a Variant (Date) that indicates the date and time when a file was created or last modified.



    The required pathname argument is a string expression that specifies a file name. The pathname may include the directory or folder, and the drive.

    So replace the 'pathname' with the hyperlinked file and it will return the date and time which you could seperate and put in. Hope this helps. I haven't actually used it, let me know if it doesn't and I'll give it a shot.


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