Hi there,

I am just so frustrated now. I have been trying now for a month to control excel from VB.Net. However I cannot get the neccessary methods i want to run into vb.net.

For example, I can record a macro in excel and I understand the VBA script. But I cannot seem to even use it in VB.net.

I understand that I have to add the COM reference and i have done all that.

I really need a book or a website which is able to teach me some VB.net which can allow me to understand the interaction between VB.Net and Excel alot better. Perhaps even a list of commands which i can use. Right now it is just trial and error, taking up loads and loads of time.

I have found a article on the microsoft site saying that i can add VBA macros into excel and run it. But i am sure VB.net is powerful enough to control excel.....

If you could direct me to a book/source of information. I would be most most Grateful !