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Thread: programming your own ttf

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    programming your own ttf

    here's a question thats been bugging me a while. Does anyone know how I could write a vb6 program that would allow the user to draw some figures on say a form and then have the program convert those figures to ttf font? Is such a thing even possible? i have a million uses for being able to do this and would appreciate any insight that anyone could give. Please don't refer me to corel or something like that, i have an academic interest in being able to do this and would like to try if its possible.
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    I can guarantee you it is possible.

    There probably isnt any API for the procedure.

    You must figure out the file-headers of a ttf font, and its structure, then learn how to write pics to that format.

    Complicated stuff.

    Anyone play starcraft, remember Camelot Systems, they revelutionized SC hacking with their really need file editors.
    I faintly peaked into the programming behind it, and moding a binary data file at the HEX level and making it so any user can go hard and not **** everything up is very hard stuff.

    This is kinda what you wish to attemp, so learn the ttf font structure...
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    You might find more information from the Freetype site (open source font library).
    At that site there are links to other sites, which have more info on TrueType/OpenType and fonts in general. (See
    Note that you can't create fonts with Freetype!

    You can also go to to search for the information about font files.

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