I need some assistance in writing part of a program. I was thinking of putting this on Rentacoder.com but thought I would try here first. What I need is a working example or program to update a local XML file with numbers that a user inputs from a form via text box(es) and a button to save (append) the information to the file and another button to clear the information from the file (like a clear all) if the user wants to clear the contents of the file and start all over. Storage size in the file should be able to handle about 1,000 entries of 7 numbers per entry. The input numbers could range from 0 to 99 only and should be restricted with validation when the user inputs the numbers on the form so only numbers 0 to 99 are valid entries. I was thinking something with the look and feel of an INI file but in XML format key/value pairs but the format and type of file is negotiable if there are better suggestions to store the input aside from a database. My users do not have any other programs installed to be able to use a real database. With another button on the form, the program needs to determine the 7 most frequently occuring numbers that have been saved to the files entries. The form needs to display the results seperately for the user to look at with labels. I would also like the programs files to be well commented so I can understand what each part of the code does. Please use code that I can copy and paste into my VB.NET 2002 and won't have to convert it, also I would like standard names for the forms controls such as Form1, Button1, Label1, etc... to be used so I can intigrate it into my full program. I ask this because I am still learning VB.NET and it makes it easier for me to understand and use.

Say that you have a list of numbers:

10, 25, 30, 30, 20, 35, 20
20, 30, 25, 10, 25, 30, 30
35, 9, 7, 30, 10, 25, 20

In this list of numbers the number 10 is repeated 3 times and 25 is repeated 4 times and 30 is repeated 6 times and 20 is repeated 4 times and 35 is repeated 2 times and 20 is repeated 3 times and 35, 9 and 7 are only shown 1 time each.

Any one willing to help me take this on can post here and I will get back with you if you have questions.