I have a DBGrid in my code that I was trying to replace with an MSFlexGrid. I have the following code:

Dim SqlStr As String

SqlStr = ""
If TB_DataEntry(BrickDataID) <> "" Then
SqlStr = "Select * from QBrickComboStockShapeGroupType WHERE (BrickDataID=" & TB_DataEntry(BrickDataID) & ") Order By TBrickShape.BrickShapeID;"
DataCurrent.RecordSource = SqlStr
' columns translations
dbActualGrid.Columns(0).Caption = TRNS_STANDARD
dbActualGrid.Columns(1).Caption = TRNS_SHAPE
dbActualGrid.Columns(2).Caption = TRNS_KEY
dbActualGrid.Columns(3).Caption = TRNS_SLASHRING
dbActualGrid.Columns(4).Caption = TRNS_SLASHSECTION
dbActualGrid.Columns(5).Caption = TRNS_BRICKS
dbActualGrid.Columns(6).Caption = TRNS_WEIGHTSPACETONNES

End If

Too late I learnt that MSFlexGrid is read-only and would not be able to allow the user to delete records from it. I hope I understood that correctly.

Now however when I try to return to the old code with DBGrid, I do not get the same output on the grid. Instead of getting just the columns that I wanted to be displayed (the 7 columns that you see in the code), I get all the columns of the Access database Query.

Does anyone know why this would happen? It is the exact same code as before I did the swap.