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Thread: XSL and XSLT...:confused: WOOF!

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    XSL and XSLT...:confused: WOOF!

    What's the difference between XSL and XSLT?
    Why can't VS add an XSL file to my Web Project.
    I have to add an XSLT file, then rename it to an XSL otherwise it doesn't understand XSL.
    Is there a different syntax?

    Why does VS not give me the choice to add an XSL file???


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    Woka, MS released a few toys to tide people over until 2005...

    I'm not sure exactly why they call it the XSL Wizard , all I see it do is automatically add an XML and XSL file. The install instructions aren't very clear. When they talk about copying the vsz file, and creating the templates directory, they are talking about under your VB install, not where you extracted the files (that hooked me for 30 mins).

    There are also some very cool tools in there like collapseable TRY-CATCH blocks, Spell Check Macro (i dont know why anyone would need it really) and more...
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