I post here today to see what kind of interest I could get for a project that I would like to do. I'm sure as anyone knows that has tried to create their own game there is a lot of work involved. It isn't really feasible for one person to create a really good game alone. Every since I first started programming my dream has been to create a game, it's what originally inspired me. I've worked with others on small games, but most of them have fallen apart before completion. I would like to start looking toward something bigger. Thats where the interest part comes in. I'm looking for people interested in working on a project as part of a team. Let me tell you a little bit about the idea.

My favorite two game types has always been RTS and RPG. I would like to see a strong cross breed of the two. Imagine something like a mix of Command and Conquer and Heroes of Might and Magic (Warcraft III is the closest game I can think of to what I'd like to see). It wouldn't be just a standard complete these objectives and advanced to the next level, you'd have sub quests and many alternate ways of completeing an area.

Right now it's all in idea, once I find a group of people that seem outgoing enough and dependable enough to help on a project we can move on to the next stage.

Just some of the speacilities that will be needed:
Graphics Artist
Graphics Programming (Would like to support at least DX 8.0, this is a broad category that could be split up)
Sound Design / Implimentation
Networking Programming (For multiplayer options)
Content Design (Quests, Sub Quests, Spells (if there are any?), equipment, I imagine this to consist of multiple persons in order to come up with the best creative ideas).
AI Programming (This again is a large area which would probably consist of a few individuals)
Web Page Programming (We would need a home for the project once it is started)
Engine Programming (This would probably consist of the majority of people working together to bring all elements together)
And More....

Of course some of these come higher in priority at certian stages that others. For instance we will need content and general game designers first before any programming can even be started.

As for the programming Language, I'm thinking C++ will probably be best primarily, unless I get a large turn out from VB programmers and then we might try something there.

If you think you can fill any of these spots or any other spots I failed to mention above send me an email Steven6282us@yahoo.com Please include what language(s) you use, what areas you speacilize in, and your feelings toward a project a like this, also optionally include a little about your programming goals. Remember I'm looking for people that can commit to seeing the project through. No I dont want it to take the place of your jobs, family, or anything else more important (this for now would be an unpaid project), but I do want people that are willing to put some effort in.