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Thread: vb deployment

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    vb deployment

    I'm a novice to .NET though I have good experience with VBScript and JScript.

    I need to make a utility that I'd like to be web driven. The utility would be a backup utility.

    I'm learning c# and from the initial research that I'm doing, that is going to be the language of choice for this solution.

    I'd like the utility to look like that from Microsoft when you are updating or patching your OS.

    Simple windows and I noticed the app is using aspx.

    So my question is,
    How do I create an application (considering security) that accesses the file system and backups files to a network source?

    Truth told, I'm not really looking for scripts or the like, I'm really looking for topics to look up, best practices for web deployment, etc.

    If anybody does have any snippets, that's fine too, but I try to develop my own solutions

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    This question would take a 50-100 page answer to properly reply. However, the place to start for this is to study .NET file I/O in general. If you are trying to make a backup utility that completely runs in a "locked-down" ASP.NET environment, such as that you would find at a commercial web host, then this type of application has many hurdles. Backup applications are never as easy as they sound in general. There are many complex hurdles to over-come even in relatively simple backup programs.

    I would suggest going over to and other Microsoft sites and downloading sample FILE I/O applications.

    The great thing about .NET is it's powerful and easy threading model. This helps a lot when dealing with file I/O, and the built-in file I/O classes that do binary reading are very good as well.

    If you throw some more specific questions in here, I might be able to help, but your question is too general for me to give you specific answers to it. As I said befre, it would take a small book which the poor old hands don't have enough energy to write in this forum. Sorry I couldn't be of more help...
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