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Thread: Hope I'm not kicked out for this

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    Hope I'm not kicked out for this

    it's not VB but VBA,
    but I need to know how to break passwords from
    my excel-VBA code. I need that code and I will not write it all over again.
    This is what I got:
    - Advanced excel password recovery

    but it returns failers in the program.

    Maybe there's someone with a better program than this.
    (I'm sorrie to post this thread here
    (and maybe anyone knows where to put my threat else)

    If you come up with something good I'll delete this thread at ones!
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    No you wont get kicked out for this. I have seen other threads in
    the VBA forum on this. Here is a link to some sites that offer
    programs or services.

    Google Search Results

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    This may help. I downloaded the Access version, but never even tried it, as I remembered the password.

    Excel Password Recovery

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