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Thread: Need Help!

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    Need Help!

    I have been using VB6.0 to try an link it to a Microsoft Access 2000 database. I want to learn how to link it through recordsets but I need some example applications. I type of example application I am looking for is a stock control system which will allow the user to add, delete and update stock records!

    Please help anyone!

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    I will apologize up front if you find my reply offensive.
    Database related project are not about getting some sample code and do some minor changes to it but it's all about understanding the entire process. And to do so you'll first need to get for yourself some good reference book and do alot of practice with very basic stuff before you even consider writing something more serious (or advanced if you will).
    You may of course search this or any other forums for samples but trust me - it wouldn't do any good until you learn basics.

    Here is a link that may get you started:

    Good luck.

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