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    2 questions [both about microsoft common controls]

    1. On the Progress Bar, I want the progress bar to have a white background and put the percentage on the bar, how do I do that?

    2. On the tabstrip, I have setup 5 tabs, but unlike the tab control ocx, if I place any textboxes or anything on one tab, it shows up on the rest of the tabs, how do I have it so each tab can have its own controls and not show up on all of them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Question 1 don't think this can be done. However goto and search there, (free downloads of code and components etc). I vaguely remember someone posted a replacement control which does what you want.

    Question 2, ok you caren't double click a control to add it to a tab. Single click the control and use the mouse to draw it on the tab. That should resolve your problem

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    1. Design an ActiveX control simulating like a progress bar(using Picture box) and then use the print method to print the percentage.

    2. here the code...
    The TabStrip control is not a container. To contain the actual pages and their objects, you must use Frame controls or other containers that match the size of the internal area which is shared by all Tab objects in the control. If you use acontrol array for the container, you can associate each item in the array with a specific Tab object, as in the following example:

    Option Explicit
    Private mintCurFrame As Integer' Current Frame visible

    Private Sub Tabstrip1_Click()
    If Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.Index = mintCurFrame _
    Then Exit Sub ' No need to change frame.
    ' Otherwise, hide old frame, show new.
    Frame1(Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.Index).Visible = True
    Frame1(mintCurFrame).Visible = False
    ' Set mintCurFrame to new value.
    mintCurFrame = Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.Index
    End Sub

    hope this will help uuuu...


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