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Thread: Fill Justify of RichtextBox

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    I am trying to justify a richtextbox so that it fills the box from both sides (like the text in a novel). It is not one of the options for SelAlignment, but it should be possible. How do you suggest i go about justifying the text in the richtextbox control?


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    I once was able to make justified text in a PictureBox using a very complicated method which involved Printer.TextWidth, performing the rest from line width and then calculating the amount of space needed, dividing this value between the number of words in my line and using Printer.CurrentX to locate particular words. It worked thou...

    Now there is an ActiveX DLL called JusTexT. Just visit:

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    Yes, i tried that before. The result was very good, but i had a big problem with the next part, which was to be able to hilite pieces of the text and move the hilite at timed intervals. This is for a reading program which is supposed to pace your reading by moving the hilite from one set of words to the next. It's not very practical to continue to use a picture box...although i did do it and it worked to a certain extent....just not very nicely and occasionally missed a couple of words at the end of a line. I'm trying to rewrite the routine now. I tried JustTexT before, apparently it works by placing spaces in the text...isn't there a way to just make the gaps without the spaces? It's strange that no one else seems to have encountered the same problem to have written an example of it. Everywhere i search, i find people using right, left, and center aligns but they skip the justify align for some reason. I'm really desperate here, i've been trying for a year on this...if you can help, i'd really appreciate it.

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