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Thread: How can you get get an object in a webbrowser when a mouse is over it?

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    How can you get get an object in a webbrowser when a mouse is over it?

    For example, if i moved my mouse over this "submit reply" button here, and hit a hotkey (to execute the code), how would i be able to set a variable as that specific button so i can do things like
    Debug.print, object,value, etc

    If id place my mouse over a link and hit the hotkey, i could do debug.print object.src or something

    anyone know?

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    You can use the Document Object Model to get attributes of tags in HTML. Check MSDN, and for examples.
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    Using the Web Browser Control & Using the DHTML Document Object Model

    The examples referenced in the articles can be found here:

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    Maybe this crude example might help.
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    I dont know what was contained in that last post. But if your talking about when u hoover over a link or a button, you could do this:

    Get the window handle o the browser
    Get the handle of the status bar,
    class name: "msctls_statusbar32"
    Find a way to see if there's text there or not

    Just and idea for thoughts

    Ok sry ignore this, I misread your question...too much programming at one time lol. sry
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