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Thread: Event doesn't fire

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    Event doesn't fire


    I'm adding a CommandButton to my startup form at runtime.

    set cmd1 = Form1.Controls.Add("VB.CommandButton", cmdnew)

    It is displayed correctly. However, the relating event

    Sub cmdnew_Click()
    End Sub

    won't fire. What am I doing wrong? All I could find out is that it's probably related to the control's lifetime. Is there a better way to create controls dynamically? When I use the New Keyword

    Dim cmd1 As CommandButton
    cmd1 = New CommandButton

    I always get an error message.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yeah, you can't New a control, you need to get the return of an Add function like you are doing now.

    Have you declared your button variable using the WithEvents keyword?
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    Re: Event doesn't fire

    Originally posted by stk
    ...Is there a better way to create controls dynamically? ...
    "Better" is debatable, but here is another way. At design time put a command button on the form, set its Index property to 0 and its Visible property to False. To show that button you obviously just set its Visible property to True. To create and show a second or subsequent button you

    VB Code:
    1. Load Command1(1)
    2. Command1(1).Visible = True
    3. Command1(1).Top = ' Use Top and Left (or Move) to place it where you want it

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