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Thread: Help on VB assignments

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    My name is Mark and I'm trying to finish CIS16B with some success,
    however I've run into a few problems in accomplishing this goal.
    My final project was the unfinished one for our flight school,
    which I decided to present even though it was in it's beginning stages.

    I took CIS16A (using "Quick Basic") last semester, however because
    of recent changes to the SRJC CIS16A & CIS16B program transitions,
    a few problems have resulted (as some of you may be aware of).

    One factor is that Visual Basic is just now being used to teach CIS16A.
    [They dropped "Quick Basic" because it is now an obsolete program.]
    Because of this, our instructor expected us (from the beginning of the
    to be already familiar with "Visual Basic" programming.

    I can't seem to figure out how to do the following requirements:
    [Using the web or the VB help or VB books has proved useless in doing

    1. Create a history listing of searches (for the text editor assignment)

    2. Create a previous files listing (for the text editor assignment)
    3. Get the alarm to respond on different time zones [than "Now"]
    (for the international clock assignment)
    4. Create a favorites bookmarking (for the browser assignment)
    5. Database working using searching (for the Final Project)

    Any code samples or other usefull web references would be helpful,
    since there isn't much time left to turn in our assignments. [12/16/99] is the deadline
    I've spent many hours trying to solve these problems.
    If you need to see my project code, please let me know.

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    Hey My name's Mark as well!

    You seem to have left rather lot to the last minute!
    1. Create an array to hold previous searches and populate a conmboBox with it on loading a 'search' form

    2. have a look at the MDI sample in th VB samples.

    3. take a look at:

    Mark Sreeves
    Analyst Programmer
    A BMW Group Company

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