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Thread: Can a VB program be written to get around an AOL5.0 bug(?)

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    Please note that I'm not bad-mouthing AOL.
    I upgraded to AOL5.0 and deleted 4.0. AOL5.0 has what's being refered to as a bug by the sites that monitor this sort of thing. If you have a "Dial-up adapter" installed, AOL sees this and creates an AOL Dial-up adapter everytime AOL is launched. In order to use your dial-up adapter for its intended purposes you have to go into Network configuration and remove the AOL dial-up adapter then restart your computer.I'm wondering if a VB program can be written that would:
    1. Start AOL.
    2. Would remove the AOL dial-up adapter.
    3. And not require the computer to be re-started.

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    I don't think the restart stop would work because it's a windows function not. I'ld e-mail the problem to AOL and they'll probably fix it.
    But that's me.


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