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Thread: Opening a Saved file

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    any one know how to open a file that has Command button settings?

    I have 77 buttons and need to save their settings.

    I have saved the settings as following:
    Write #1,But.tag,but.caption,but.value, but.tooltiptext

    Thats all one line
    but i have 77 lines, one for each button.

    Have tried but the VB Examples do not help with what i am going.

    need a button that will open a file, and put the Tag,Caption,Value,Tooltiptext into the buttons

    thank you

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    create a control array for the buttons (But(o), But(1), But(2), ..., But(76)) this will give you 77 total buttons.

    then create a different button (not in that array) called cmdWriteToFile, or whatever you want it to be called, and use the following code: (actually, i guess you could use any control as the catalyst for the operation)

    Private Sub cmdWriteToFile_Click()
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim c As Integer
        c = But.Count
        For i = 0 To c - 1
            Write #1,_ 
        Next i
    End Sub
    do pretty much the same thing to read from the file and PUT the values in (on) the buttons. any more help, e-mail me at

    good luck and happy programming

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