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Thread: VBForums UtilityBank Guidelines (How to Use this Forum)

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    Exclamation VBForums UtilityBank Guidelines (How to Use this Forum)

    VBForums UtilityBank Guidelines

    Note that failure to follow these guidelines could result in your submission being deleted.


    The purpose of the VBForums UtilityBank is to allow you to share your components, add-ins, and other programs with others. This forum is also a place where you can find and download these programs.

    If you use (or just try) any of the utilities, then please rate them using the "Rate this thread" drop-down at the bottom of the page.


    The following are guidelines for making a submission. Submissions should include an attached zip (.zip) that contains all of the necessary programs for the resource/utility along with the appropriate descriptive information as described below.

    When posting:

    • Create a new thread in this forum with a subject that describes your submission. The subject should start with a descriptive word such as Tutorial, VB-Addin, Utility, etc. This should be followed by the name of the item and a brief description (3 to 5 words). For example:

    Tutorial: Programming Delegates in C#
    VB Addin - MyReportWriter - Reporting Features Add-in
    Component - DBI Grid Tool - .NET Components
    • Include the following information within the post (note you can copy and paste this from here):
      • Title
      • Description
      • Feature list
      • Screen-shots (if apt)
      • Author name
      • System Requirements
      • License info
      • Include the appropriate attachment - a single zip file. If your post is too big. Contact the moderator.
      • If your program is awkward to install, please include instructions on how to do it.

    Note that this forum is for complete items and is not for coding help or snippets..

    Before posting:
    • Test your program and make sure it works. If possible, try it on another computer.
    • Check your zip file and make sure all required files for your program are included.
    • Verify that your program does not contain any viruses - note that by submitting a program you warrant that your program is virus free.
    • Check the UtilityBank to make sure your program has not been previously submitted.

    Please note - although Executable files are allowed, the source code for these files must be provided too.

    There have been many occurances in the past of people posting malicious code/executables to the forums, so VBForums, Jupitermedia, and the moderators cannot make any guarantees that the code is safe. If you are concerned please examine the code of any utility you download before you use it.
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