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Thread: Rotating 3D MSCHART

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    Is there anyone know how to rotate a 3D MSChart during design time or just by using code?
    I don't the default chart given by MSChart and I want to rotate the chart b4 displaying it to the users, but so far still have no clue on how to do this. Any kind of help is good.

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    Ok no idea, never having don it....but...Try at, they send out a daily news release and one of these included a couple of projects for rotating objects. Just do a search on rotate.

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    Thanks jritchie.
    Anyway, I found out how to rotate the 3D MSChart. It's pretty easy actually. All that is need to be done is just changing the Elevation and Rotation properties. These properties are under the View3D object which is under the MSChart.Plot object.

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