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Thread: ListView: when a checkbox is checked...

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    ListView: when a checkbox is checked...

    I want to run a function every time a check box is checked in my listview box. Is there any way to specify like, an OnCheck event? I know there isn't onCheck, but it would be nice, rather than looping through everything... well, as you can guess I'm a newb with this

    To explain further: There's a ton of items in this listview. Whenever an item is checked, I want its text to appear in a textbox below, so as to keep a running list of what the user has checked rather than having to scroll up and down...

    If anyone can tell me or point me to a property name or something that would be great

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    there is an _ItemCheck routine though, that passes which list item the user clicked on. Then, all you have to do is check that item to see if it is checked or not.

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