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Thread: Turn Mouse Trail On and Off using API

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    how can i turn on the mouse trail using API... from a nice little vb program... please hurry... i would like to know

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    Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Alias "SystemParametersInfoA" (ByVal uAction As Long, ByVal uParam As Long, ByVal lpvParam As Any, ByVal fuWinIni As Long) As Long

    Public Const SPI_SETMOUSETRAILS = 93
    Dim MTrailCount As Integer
    Dim RetCode As Long

    'To disable the feature, set the MTrailCount parameter to zero or 1. To enable the feature, set MTrailCount to a value greater than 1 to indicate the number of cursors drawn in the trail.

    MTrailCount = 15

    RetCode = SystemParametersInfo (SPI_SETMOUSETRAILS, MTrailCount, 0, VbNull)

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