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Thread: Show Google toolbar in WebBrowser control?

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    Unhappy Show Google toolbar in WebBrowser control?

    When I use a webBrowser control in my ap, it won't include the google tool bar I normally have in IE - is there a way in vb to include the toolbar?

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    If you think about it, you're really not able to, but then again, you are.

    Let me explain.

    If you take a look at IE, it in simplest terms, is an application that uses the WebBrowser Control. Everything in IE is IE's own code except the actual viewing area. That is the web browser control.

    Now look at your app. You're doing the same thing IE is. You have your own toolbars or whatever and you show your display area as the webbrowser control.

    So the only thing you have in common with IE, is that you're both using the webbrowser control. You're not using IE's toolbars, so they won't show up in your app.

    What IE does is it has a list of miniature applications (like the google toolbar) that it loads at runtime. I don't know how off the top of my head you would load it at runtime and create your own google toolbar, but that is what you would have to do.

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