Ok I downloaded the file attributes program from VB World. It opens up the common dialog box and asks you to pick a file then gives you the statistics.

I altered it so you can pick the file out of a filebox. Everything goes smoothly while it's in that Directory but once i change Dir's, the bytes = 0 and the date turns to basicly all 1's 1/1/1 00:00:00

here's the portion of the code i altered.

Dim ftime As SYSTEMTIME ' Initialise variables
Dim tfilename As String
tfilename = File1.filename
Dim filedata As WIN32_FIND_DATA

filedata = Findfile(tfilename) ' Get information

Text2.Text = File1.Path + File1.filename ' Put name in text box

If anyone knows what's causing this problem or knows of a better way using the demo program i downloaded plaese let me know..