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Thread: could this site be any more ugly?

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    Thumbs down could this site be any more ugly?

    going for the web's worst designed site award are we guys?

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    I agree -- Since when was big, blocky, ugly text a good thing in web design. I don't mind having the ads (just about every website has them), but why does the colour scheme have to be like this?

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    Hey, it's easy to complain - can you do better?
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    Well ...

    Most likely we are headed there.

    Also there may be ads between messages and at places you can't imagine, but at present "fortunately" the vBulletin software doesn't provide that.

    John and team, although you deserted us, you at least made sure we didn't get ads between messages, at least till vB 3.0 is released. I guess you deserve a round of applause for thinking about your users first.

    All others, the forums are still a wonderful place to be on the net. However, every time you visit the forum, turn on your speakers to hear this message from our air hostess:
    "Please scroll down one page. We are about to see a pageful of advertising. Thank you. Also the area near the top of the page is out of bounds for you. Members are requested not to visit it."

    I am not a complete idiot. Some parts are still missing.
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    The people to blame for this mockery is Jupiter Media.

    John made this site, and even during the Karl Moore days, he used it as a show-off site for the vBulletin platform. John is very very busy with Jelsoft, and did not visit this site much, but I assure you that this was not his goal.

    I also talked a little with Karl Moore a few days ago...according to Karl, the decision to sell the site was not a decision made solely by Karl, and was a decision by the shareholders of White Cliff Computing, and was financially motivated being that WC did not have the resources to sustain operation of the site. Thus, I do not think this mockery of a website was not in the best interests of Karl either.

    This happens to a lot of sites, VBF is not the first and it will not be the last.

    Have you any consideration for your member base? Hey Brad. Am I just a number to you? If my hard-earned 2100-something posts, and almost 2 years of dedicated membership (my other account was deleted..I registered Feb 01) is seen by you as another way to make ad money, count me out.

    I am happy at NXS. I co-operate the site, and the entire staff takes our own interests as well as the interests of our member base, into our decisions. I am happy at GalahTech-- the entire staff is made of participating and active members, and again, they make decisions in the best interests of the users.

    And this site is based around a full-size Flash ad, text advertisements nobody gives a ***** about, a larger-than-normal banner at the bottom, money hungry administrative staff, a web design scheme that I could do a better job with blindfolded and with four fingers, and complete lack of regard for the best wishes of members and even former staff members? Please.
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