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Thread: What kinda of apps?

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    What kinda of apps?

    (VB) What kind of apps have you written, (what do they do) Personal or for business.

    Me, I've written a work order program to keep track of work orders, their tif images, and the link between them and our work order database.

    Most of what I do at work is make small apps for people who need to search our work orders or DB (or both) for something specific to their job duties.

    Personal, I made a employee time scheduler for my fiancee to make out work schedules for her employees.


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    Why do you care?
    I have written:

    -A M.A.M.E frontend
    -An internet communication suite like Hotline(Chat, File transfer ,etc)
    -A Winzip like app
    -A Web page news component

    Stack Overflow
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    On my own time : Nothing worth mentioning

    At work : Bits and pieces of a commercial loan management system, a project librarian (similar to an automated javadoc for VB), and a crap load of utilities to help development.
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    I have written:

    -A Very Advanced Hello World frontend
    -An hot tub suite like Jenny Craig(Bloated, Cramped , etc)

    -A 'I like ike's Chicken and Dried Beef Casserole' app
    -A Cow Tipping Web page

    Would you like to contact me for any jobs?

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    Tons of examples and a chat app.
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    - A few AOL addons (gotta start somewhere)
    - A virus (never distributed and since deleted, was just curious)
    - A HTML editor
    - A system to keep track of rental cars (checked out, returned, maintenece, fees, late charges, etc)
    - A small app to force me to take a 1 min break every 15 mins.
    - A system to keep track of psycoanylys [sic] scores.
    - A Property Management System (for hotels to interface w/the rest of my systems, inventory, rates, close out dates, etc)
    - Online hotel booking engines.
    - Automatic reservations system.

    ...and countless websites

    (I so know there are tons more but cannot think of them at the moment).
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    -3 MechWarrior4 BOTs (Since you cant hack the game you can always get around it. )

    -Anti-Crasher, When explorer doesn't work you can load this as a service and fix the problem.

    -Access, same as Anti-Crasher but you can do everthing that Explorer can do and fix the problems.

    -SuperCalc, everything a calculator should do.

    -MechHanger 1.7

    -MechHanger 2.3
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