I am working on a subroutine to convert space-delimited files to semicolon-delimited files. Right now the file looks something like this:

Adam Smith 45 Cherry St. 789-0098
Susan Sarandon 123 123rd Avenue 555-5555
Walter Matthau 54 Hollywood Blvd. 123-4567

Right now I am using the code

Open CommonDialog1.Filename For Input as #File1
Line Input #File1, strText

Open CommonDialog2.Filename For Output as #File2
Print #File2, Texto

Obviously all this does is copy the file but unfortunately that is about the extent of my VB experience. I need a subroutine that will read the file, replace the white spaces between columns with a ";" and also return the column length (e.g. the number of spaces between the A of Adam Smith and the first number of his phone number).

any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!