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Thread: HELP ME!! TEXTBOX(alignment property for VB6)

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    I've been using the alignment property of the TEXTBOX control because i needed to enter in currency figures. I had to assign it a right-justified value. i never had any problems when i was using NT workstation as my environment. When i transferred to windows 95, the alignment property wasn't working anymore. Why is this so? Is this a VB6 bug. Is there a solution to this problem? I am currently developing a system for a big bank here in tokyo and i need to solve this alignment problem by next week.
    please help me. . . . . thanks.

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    Microsoft have an article about this on their site HERE it would seem the effect is by design and to do with the Class on which the Textbox is based being derieved from the OS, the only workable solution they offer is to set the Multiline Property to True, this causes the Control to Enforce the Alignment Setting.

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