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Thread: Changing the Screen Resolution

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    Changing the Screen Resolution

    hi... can someone give me an API code on how i will change the monitor screen resolution... id like to put it on the form load so that i can force the user to use 1024x768 when they using my program and then back again to 800x600 when they finish running my program. also api code to detect what is the screen resolution.. thnx!

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    Re: Changing the Screen Resolution

    Why? Unless it's a game, and taking over the entire display, an application has no business changing the resolution. Also, what if the monitor can't handle that resolution? If you're going to change it back to 800x600, then maybe it was at 800x600 for a reason in the first place.

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    Re: Changing the Screen Resolution

    800x600??? Yeah, right. A 4:3-ratio.
    How many people DON'T have a 16:9-Screen nowadays?
    If i installed a program, that would switch between resolutions the way you want to, it wouldn't take a second for me to decide to throw that program into the bin....
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    Re: Changing the Screen Resolution

    Chances are, if they have their monitor resolution set to 800x600, it is only because it won't support 1024x768.

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