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    the first time i installed vb5 on my computer (a long time ago), vb wouldn't let me make a rich text box or a few other things like tabs because i dont have it registered, but after i reformatted my hard drive (a long time ago) i decided to re-install vb5 again today just to mess around with it.

    now i can make a rich text box and tabs but now i cant make those meters or toolbar!! before i could have but now it tells me i dont have it registered or i dont have the liscense (something like that).

    i have searched this site and i found some simple code that does exactly what i wanted, which was to register an ocx but it doesn't work!! it still wont let me make the meters or toolbars. so i searched somewhere else for some code and i found it again, it was very similar but still a little different so i gave that one a try too, but no luck!! so how can i get the liscense or registration for it cause i wanna use those meters!!

    thanx ahead of time

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    If u have the .ocx files on yr computer u can register them by just browsing in and zselecting those files in then compenent menu option it is available under project menu.

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    i have and it puts the progress bar and the tabs and some other stuff on my toolbar but when i try to put it on my form it gives me this exact message:

    "Liscense information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate liscense to use this functionality in the design environment."

    if anyone has received this message before and has solved their problem then please tell me.

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    Go to Start, Run and type:

    RegSvr32 {OCXNAME.OCX}

    Replace {OCXNAME.OXC} with the file name of the ocx file, such as "c:\windows\system\mscomctl.ocx"

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    I think this is the solution for you.
    I had the same problem, I installed VB5 on two brand new machines and some components, among them common controls 5, only worked on the first machine.

    Here is a MSfix that solves the problem with the license. Atleast it did for me.

    Go here:

    and look for this line:
    Vbc.exe Fixes Visual Basic 5.0 Control Installation Problem

    Vbc.exe installs the Vbcmpfix.exe utility, that fixes problems identified by the following symptons: (1) When trying to site a control within your project you receive the error message "License Information For This Component Not Found. You Do Not Have An Appropriate License To Use This Functionality In The Design Environment; " (2) When trying to compile your project you receive the following error: "Compile Error : Permission Denied; and (3) When trying to run your project you receive the following error: "Runtime Error '429' : ActiveX Component Can't Create Object ."

    I hope this will help you

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    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! the .exe fixed my problem!!!

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