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Thread: EXE vS DLL

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    When should i use Activex exe and when Activex dll.Difference please ?

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    This is from MSDN

    ActiveX EXE:
    An ActiveX EXE is classified as an out-of-process component because it runs in its own process space, separate from the application using it. Because an ActiveX EXE executes in its own process space, you can use a single occurrence of an object with many other applications at once, much in the same way that Data Access Objects (DAO) are used throughout a range of applications. The downside is performance degradation caused by the extra overhead undertaken in communicating with external processes.

    ActiveX DLL:
    An ActiveX DLL is classified as an in-process component that coexists in the same process space as the application using it. Sharing process space with the application, an ActiveX DLL executes methods and properties more quickly than its EXE counterpart because no extra communication overhead is needed to reference it. ActiveX DLLs do have disadvantages, however; many restrictions are imposed on the way they can be designed and used. The real benefit of an ActiveX DLL is in providing common control functionality for its host application. Stripping text out of a string and replacing it with new text is an example of a common method well suited for DLL use.




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