After a lot of help from people on these boards, Workload 2000 is almost ready to go. I would appreciate your help once more to beta test the software. I'm sure you will find it useful. Workload is a very powerful project management tool, helping you manage all of your projects and keep track of your earnings in one place. Even if you aren't working by the hour, it allows you to see how long you've spent doing different tasks. If you are paid an hourly wage or do contract work, it quickly becomes an invaluable tool. All it takes to start or stop the timer is one click on the tray icon, so there's no interruption of what you're doing. You'll never worry about accidentally leaving the timer running, because it can shut off when the screensaver comes on. Plus, Workload uses almost no memory or system resources when running in the background.

Click here to download Workload 2000!

To reward your effort, you will receive $5 off the price of the final software for each bug or suggestion that you submit. If you submit 4 or more you will receive the final version free, as well as a $5 SuperCertificate for each further submission. All contributors will be listed in the program credits (if you want).

Thank you all very much for your help.

Best regards,
Michael Wellems
Lead developer, Workload 2000