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    I need some enlightenment, here. I've got an MDI form setup, and I am having a problem with getting the forms to display in the position that I want them. What happens is this: I have one form open, and when I click the "find" button that is on it, it opens up another form (both of these forms are MDI Children). However, for some reason, the second form ALWAYS displays exactly below the first form. I've tried setting the top and left position at run-time and design-time. But nothing seems to work. It displays like it is docked at the bottom of the first form. You can move the form once it's displayed, that is, as long as your resolution is high enough to show that much of the screen. That's my problem. If anyone can tell me what is happening, I can try to find out the solution myself. But I don't even know why it's doing that. Thanks.

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    Try something like this in the Child Form(s) Load Event:
        Move (MDIForm1.ScaleWidth - Width) / 2, (MDIForm1.ScaleHeight - Height) / 2
    This Centers the Child Form in the MDI Form

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