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    My application will have the same program running on several maybe 5 different computers across a network. This program will access a central database on a file server and will add records or delete and modify records.

    What I need is a way to detect if the recordset/database has been updated or something that will alert the program when it is update so that I can refresh my datagrids etc.

    I do not really want to put a button that the user has to click to refresh the display. Nor do I want the grid to update at regular intervals as that may not be needed and would only use up extra resources.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Matt Brown

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    You could maintain a field in some kind of "control" table in the database that could contain the date/time of the last database update. Querying this with a timer control on the workstation app would let you update automatically. Setting the date/time with each update would make it work.

    Also, look to the properties available to you with the data objects you are using. They may have a similar value you could query.

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