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Thread: Copyrighting laws? Help please?

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    I made a program. Completed But not copyrighted and I intend to sell the lisense to another company.
    I took pictures that I believed to be uncopyrighted and in public domain to put in my program then i said in the about my program from that I believed them to be uncopyrighted and in public domain. If they knew other wise, tell me and I would remove them.
    Is this ok so that I cant get sued??
    Or what must I do??

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    So you're not asking anybody if it's ok? You should check whomever might own the copyright to make sure. When you say you took pictures, did you use film? That, I believe, would be legal. However, if you, say, saved a picture off the internet and put it in without getting permission, then you could get in trouble. One option would be to make your own pictures and not worry about it.

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